Burning Stone EP

by Cæmento

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released September 15, 2019

Recorded by Fratisek Podrabsky at Tajne Studio www.tajnystudio.cz
Mixed by Jan Bramburek
Produced by Cæmento + Jan Bramburek





Melodic Emo/Hardcore

Czech Republic


  • Dec 12
    Chomutov, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Same Old Game
Every day. Every night. Every time.
Seems to be fine and bad
At the same time.

Why you wanna see me crying all night.
When I am still awake
I can see daybreak.

And now - I see - that you won´t change.
Every time - it ends - always the same.
Again – I want – to forget your name
Because – I refuse – to play your game.
Track Name: What Else To Buy
I can´t even convince myself.
Right now – when I am speaking.
Is this a voice of mine or someone else?
Right now - is this what I am seeking?

You are always ready to smile
Even if there is time to cry – time to cry
10.000 things which you can trying to hide.
But there´s nothing, nothing, nothing left to buy.

Another day seems to be just the same as now.
And I will stay just right behind - don’t dare to cry.

Another day – Another Lie
Another life where I´ll be naive, same way I am now.
Track Name: Burning Stone
All what we can see
It’s hard to believe
And even if I can
It´s tears my soul apart

With all the smoke around
It’s difficult to breath
And even if I can
I don´t know how to start.

There is no place to go
No places to hide
And even if I can
You still standing there with (your) smile

There is no place to go
No place to hide
And even If I can
I am watching you there sit alone and cry

You will witness slowly dying fire.
You can see there´s nothing left to burn.

Start to burn for the lost worlds.
Now they are gone it´s time to die.

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